Dog Walking:

Since 2005, our dog walking experts have perfected dog walking to both physically and mentally exercise your four legged furry family members for as long as you would like and as often as you would like. We offer a variety of visit lengths: 15, 30, 45, 1-hour, and extended visits. All are designed for your budget and dog's energy level. This ensures they have time to play, relieve themselves, run, socialize(if applicable), and learn the skills they need to be happy and balanced. This way when you come home, you will have a comfortable, relaxed, and happy dog.

dog walking
 In a recent survey by Pet Sitters International (PSI), the average 30-minute visit with one pet is about $18.00. This means the average savings with us is easily thousands per year.
Does your dog tear up furniture, door frames, or anything he sets his eye on? We can help! Call us!


Our walkers all have industry experience and are trained to help you and your pup work together for a happier and healthier relationship.


If you wish, All For Dogs can reinforce your training methods or the training methods of other training companies during our visits. Though not all of our walkers are certified dog trainers, our walkers can knowledgeably advise you on proven methods to get the results you desire for your pets. (We also offer dog training.)


We have a variety of professionals on our team with experience in many aspects of the industry. Our professionals also undergo continual training. Thus, All For Dogs is usually able to offer the best person to handle dogs of every shape, temperment, and age...from the cute and cuddly to the big, mean, or skiddish.  These sessions are often open to the public (and other pet businesses) because we hope to increase general pet education wherever possible.




Weekly Rates (3 or more Walks during the week)

Quick Visit        10-15 minute let out         $12.00


Standard Visit   25-30 minute walk            $15.00


Extra Fun Visit  45 minute walk and play   $18.00

(may be limited to certain times of day)


Super Visit       1 hour walk and play         $24.00

(may be limited to certain times of day)


**** $2.00 extra for each additional dog

**** $2.00 extra after 4 pm & weekends

**** Additional pricing for Rural Areas


Vacation Care


$2.00 extra per walk for vacation care.

$12 extra if a Meet & Greet is required.


We can provide visits from early morning to late at night, 7 days a week, either individually or with other dogs. It is up to you and your goal for their social level.


Our Care Providers:
All of our in-home professionals have previous pet industry experience, love dogs, and have proven themselves as pet professionals. You can rest assured that our pet professionals are thoroughly screened using the following reports: background, references, driving record, and credit history. We maintain the best care takers for the safety of your pets and home and for the reputation of our business. After we match a good walker with your specific needs, we then have a free client interview where you make sure the care provider meets your expectations. With over 240 years of combined knowledge in the pet care industry, our usual answer to any question is, 'Yes, we can!'


We offer a convenient auto payment and balance tracking system so that you don't have to spend your valuable time continually trying to figure it out.  


If you are running late from work, don't make them hold it. We can stop in to let your pups out. No extra charge for last minute calls. Need a few extra stops around the holidays or because you just want to go out to dinner after work? Our pleasure! 

It is our pleasure to service your pets to create a happier/healthier experience for everyone! Call All For Dogs now. Your four legged furry family member is our top priority. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations.

We have many references available. (Click here for public testimonials and media sightings.)



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They've been very helpful when it comes to products they don't carry,,, they can tell us where to get them and what users think of them. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and we were Wowed with their service. Each week they give us a yard report with details of the ongoings of our dogs... stuff... They have been a great support in our dogs lives and our lives with our dogs(the dogs were our first.)
A BIG fat THANK YOU to All For Dogs. 
+Randi T, Naperville, IL


All for Dogs is definitely adding quality of life to my 13 yr old choc lab! And he can actually climb the stairs on his own again! THANK YOU! - Sally S., Shorewood, IL - 


I used All for dogs when the snow melted this past year and they did an amazing job cleaning up the dog poop from our yard. Very professional and nice. :-) Looking forward to maybe using them for dog sitting. 5/5 - Carrie L. Joliet, IL (poop scoop, pet waste removal, pet sitting, pet care, dog waste removal)


I've used them for a few years. I signed up on an auto-debit system and they have been extremely consistent and thorough. I've never had a problem with them.  When we've had brown spots in the yard, they've suggested dog treats that fix the burn spots and they told us what brands to use. 
A BIG fat THANK YOU to All For Dogs. 
+Randi T, Naperville, IL


THANK YOU. We could not have done this without you.
+Jennifer B., New Lenox, IL


I'm a lifetime client. +Al H., Romeoville, IL
"They've done amazing things with my dogs. They walk on a leash now!" +Penny D., Lockport, IL

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